Waterproofing Options For Concrete Foundations

For concrete foundation, we need to be taken care of conditions that can destroy them and prevent such foundation from keeping the structures where it was built as well as carrying both it dead and live load as planned.Some of these problems causing technical problems in concrete foundations are damp.To ensure we achieve the planned life for the structure, we thus need to come up with waterproofing options for concrete foundations in construction works.If you are looking for ways to cure wet basement or maybe to prevent such condition. Waterseal provides the best solutions as far as waterproofing is concerned. We have three approaches for waterproofing in concrete foundations.


1. Interior waterproofing of foundations

jhjhjhjhjhjwqqwqWe need to know the proper way of preventing water from interior reaching our foundations.We can do this by preventing water leakage in all the piping and water drop points.We need to know that water mostly will get into foundation through the cracks in the basement on the structures and sealing them becomes necessary and not an option if we want to ensure life for a foundation.The Good news with the advancement in building technology is that we have some sealant emulsion that we inject in the cracks and as they solidify they successfully seal the cracks.It is important to note these sealants won’t work effectively if hydrostatic pressure is strong.At this point, we need commercial waterproof membrane which can seal these major leakages in the foundation.

2. Exterior waterproofing of foundations

Water from the exterior can cause numerous problem to the concrete foundation we simply prevent the massive water or dampness from entering by excavating around the foundation structure.When excavation exercise is done, ensure that we put damp proof membrane around the foundation as a way of countering any water that may find a way into the basement.

3. Exterior and interior proofing of foundations

jhhjhjhjhdsdsdsCreating a sump pump is this a method that it is mostly used in water stagnating areas and it is not possible to get rid of water permanently. The sump pump should be located on the lowest side of the foundation for water to flow under the influence of gravity.From this sump pit just pump water away from the foundation.This sump pump is also put as a caution in case of overwhelming rainfall, snow melt or snowstorm.
Ensuring and knowing the proper waterproof option for your concrete foundation/structure can save you a good deal of cash and time as well as increasing concrete foundation life.